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No more asking well-traveled friends, checking blogs, or Googling “what to pack for (insert place here)”. We analyze climate conditions, trip durations, and cross reference suggested packlists from trusted travel bloggers to craft you a tailored packing list.


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This is the magic moment. You’ll receive an email from us that lists everything you need to pack for your upcoming trip. We’ll tell you everything you need so you are fully prepared for your adventure.

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Missing something from your pack? No problem. We’ll also tell you exactly which products will work best for your upcoming trip. Within the email are product suggestions that will take you directly to Amazon. So go ahead, shop for the items you don’t yet have all from the comfort of your home.


User Reviews

Using Smart Packr made the planning stage of my trip a breeze. Their packing list was super helpful, even for a veteran traveler like myself. The product recommendations definitely inspired me to grab some new gear for that trip. Highly recommend!

Kris Luey

I used to spend hours and hours doing product research before going on trips to make sure I have the right gear. Smart Packr has made packing so simple and covers all the bases when trying to pack smart and light. I use this tool for every trip I go on now and trust that the recommendations are the best quality.

Ali Crandall